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Yifan “Effie” Huang

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Yifan “Effie” Huang

Field Applications Scientist

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Effie obtained her B.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Bioengineering from Temple University as an international student from Beijing. After graduating from college, she worked in a variety of lab settings ranging from academic research institutions to large biopharmaceutical companies. Here, she gained research experience in molecular biology and cell culturing for different cell lines, including stem cells and iPSCs.

Effie continued her education while working at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and obtained her Executive Master’s degree in Technology Management from the UPenn School of Engineering and the Wharton School. After working for 15 years in the life science industry, she found her passion in learning and implementing advanced technologies at various steps in the bioprocessing workflow.

Prior to joining Akadeum, she has 7 years’ experience as a field application scientist specializing in helping customers transform their existing processes to automated technologies, including a variety of bioreactors culturing adherent and suspension cell lines (HEK293, CHO, MSCs, T-cells, etc.) producing cell and gene therapy products.

Effie enjoys helping her customers learn and implement advanced technologies to continuously refine their workflow. By joining Akadeum as an FAS, she will help our customers with product training, support, experiment design, and troubleshooting as well as continuous process development, helping our customers achieve their goals.


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