Maedeh Roshan, PhD

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Maedeh Roshan, PhD

Field Applications Scientist

Maedeh Roshan completed her Ph.D. at North Carolina State University, in the Physics department, working on protein-DNA interaction in nanochannels. As a postdoc at Harvard Medical School’s BioMEMS resource center, she worked on Neutrophils Extracellular Traps inactions with Red Blood cells in microfluidic devices. She also designed and fabricated a high throughput microfluidics device that is able to sort sub-micron particles. Maedeh is a detailed-oriented and highly motivated biophysicist who has been successful in creating new businesses and opportunities, working in a team environment, and troubleshooting for the last 5 years. She is passionate about cell separation techniques that enable novel biological insights with the potential to impact human health.


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