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Greg Hermanson

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Greg Hermanson

Chief Technology Officer and Principal at Aurora

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Greg Hermanson has extensive R&D management experience in roles that include Group Leader, R&D Manager, R&D Director, and Director of Technology. Greg has been instrumental in the successful development of numerous life science research products as well as diagnostic products for human and animal testing. Greg is the author of “Bioconjugate Techniques,” a manual of bioconjugation chemistry and procedures, that is published by Elsevier (Academic Press) and is now in its Third Edition (2013). Greg is also the co-author of “Immobilized Affinity Ligand Techniques,” published by Academic Press (1992). Greg is currently the President at Greg T Hermanson, Inc., Bioscience Consulting and is Chief Technology Officer and Principal at Aurora.


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Meet Our Team
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